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Imke Nickelson

Citizenship Specialist

As Citizenship Specialist, Imke assists Immigrant Connection with the development  and implementation of a fully integrated citizenship education program. She works  closely with the Welcome Program Coordinator and the Executive Director to create  and execute a curriculum that fits the specific needs of our clients and our citizenship  teachers at local Immigrant Connection sites. 

“Teaching is about building self-confidence, raising self-esteem, and creating a sense  of self. I am proud to be able to use my skills to help a group of people who have  already braved so many obstacles to become self-confident in a new language and  culture, and to move self-assured into their future as citizens of the United States.” 

Imke has over 30 years of experience in teaching and curriculum building. She began teaching immigrant classes in her native Germany during the early 1990s. 


After receiving her Ph.D. in Political Science from Duke University, she continued to  teach courses in International Relations at Duke for about a decade. She left academia  in 2011 in order to homeschool her two children from elementary through high school. 


Imke lives with her family in Todd, NC, where she serves as the worship coordinator  for her church and is active in various community organizations.

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