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Milly Silencio

Strategy & Advancement Specialist

As a Strategy and Advancement Specialist, Milly cultivates relationships with donors, church partners and new inquiries, journeying with all mentioned to get connected with our mission in various ways. She is also on the pathway to becoming a DOJ Accredited Representative and serves as Assistant Site Director for an Immigrant Connection local site in NYC.


"It is an honor to serve in Immigrant Connection knowing first hand the reality of limited immigration legal services, the uncertainty which comes from it and finding who to trust to embark on its complexities. Having been formerly undocumented and a DACA recipient, I'm grateful to know immigrant families will have access to much needed immigration legal resources to thrive in their dreams and be shown genuine care and welcome just as God intended it to be."


Milly has been an active youth minister in her NYC community since 2005, aided immigrant families as a pastor in various church plants along with being an activist outside of church walls bridging faith and justice with her immigrant story. Her work background is in higher education administration in City Seminary of New York, and CUNY Hunter College, currently an Evangelical Covenant Church licensed clergy serving as a coach to pastors and church planters. 


She earned her Bachelors from CUNY Hunter College as a double major of psychology and religion and has a seminary degree, MPS from Alliance University and is pursuing her Doctor of Ministry in Urban Ministry from Fuller Seminary. Milly is married to Josh, a hearty bicycle mechanic, and they have one son named Benjamin.

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