2400+ IN 2021!

Each year, we are able to provide vital immigration legal services to more and more immigrant and refugee families across the country.

In the last 12 months, we have served over 2400 immigrant and refugee families!

In 2022, we are projected to serve over 3,400 clients!

*due to the pandemic, some offices were closed for a number of months, served clients remotely, or operated on hybrid models.
**numbers from 11 month period between Jan 2021 - Nov 2021
***projected numbers for 2022


At the heart of Immigrant Connection is the desire to see families thrive. 

We journey with immigrant & refugee families through the complex immigration system so that they can find new pathways to security, stability, and opportunity.

Some of our most common client cases this year were Citizenship applications, Family Reunification cases, and DACA cases. See how Immigrant Connection supported these families to find ways to thrive!


Every year, Immigrant Connection continues to expand into areas with growing immigrant populations that have limited or no access to immigration legal services.

By providing immigration legal services, IC brings stability and strength to families, which in turn creates pathways for communities and workplaces to thrive.

When new IC Sites open and legal representatives become available to provide immigration legal services,  whole communities are impacted.

We are celebrating the families and communities we have made a difference for in 2021. 

And we are looking ahead to doing so much more in 2022! More IC sites opening and more legal representatives will mean greater impact across the country.

Your partnership ensures that we serve families and communities well.

Immigrant Connection has been establishing sites, training legal representatives, and serving immigrant families across the nation since 2014. 

We are a growing movement of service providers as well as partners and supporters, and we have been able to serve over 12,000 immigrant families.

"[When you give to Immigrant Connection], you are answering the prayers of many, many immigrants who have been hidden, who don't know what to do." -Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon

"This is something that everyone can get behind regardless of how you process the bigger issue.” -Andy Merritt

“Immigrant Connection is a vision- filled organization. We’re all aware of the human side of immigration. It’s become very political, but we know Immigrant Connection is helping people. People matter.”-Craig Dunn