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National Director of 

Site Launch and Sustainability

As the Director of Site Launch and Sustainability, Courtney manages the launch and training programs for the organization. She journeys with partner churches from start to finish as they undergo rigorous legal training as well as the Department of Justice application process.


"It's a privilege to journey with people and churches that want to serve, welcome, and love immigrant families. I know my life is so much fuller because of my immigrant friends and family, and I believe that as our sites and legal reps support and stand with immigrant clients, their lives, their churches, their communities will be enriched!"

Courtney has worked with international students through both collegiate student affairs and ESL programs. She has also worked as a legal assistant in a local Immigrant Connection office as well as an immigration law firm. 

Courtney has a Master's of Education with a focus in Student Affairs. She is married to Luigi Peñaranda and they have 3 children - Mateo, Sofia, and Elena.

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