The Immigrant Connection Residency Program provides a 2 year experience in immigration legal services and program management.  Much like a medical residency, Immigrant Connection’s Residency Program provides both employment and hands-on training with the ultimate goal of moving the resident through the Department of Justice accreditation process in order to launch an extension or new principal office in another under-resourced community.  Immigrant Connection chooses multiple residents for its program every year - we usually choose candidates to begin in June/July (after graduation), but can have candidates start at any time, so feel free to submit information at any time of the year.

While it is not mandatory, ideal resident candidates are bilingual, have cross-cultural experience, and a degree in a relevant field (examples include: pre-law, community development, social work, TESOL, cross-cultural studies, human rights, public policy, etc).  Further, IC is always looking for resident candidates that are from an under-resourced community and seek to return to their community to start a low-cost immigration legal services office as a part of the residency program.

Interested candidates should complete the below form and someone from the IC National Team will follow up with you.  

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