welcome 2020
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Immigrant Connection believes every disciple of Jesus and every local church is called to welcome the stranger (Matthew 25:35) and to practice Biblical hospitality (literally "philoxenos" - philo - love, xenos - foreigner/immigrant). We believe everyone is called on this Welcome Journey - the movement of individuals from learning to connecting to welcoming and the movement of local churches from ministry to immigrants (serving), to ministry with immigrants (partnering), to ministry through immigrants (empowering).

WELCOME 2020 was a live, web conference that occurred on August 18, 2020. During the conference, impactful stories were  shared from a diverse range of voices and experiences in order to give clear and innovative ways for individuals and churches to connect with and welcome immigrants.  You will find content and resources from this conference below. We believe resources from WELCOME 2020 will give new inspiration to overcome obstacles and practical steps for what to do next as you seek to offer welcome and build relationships with immigrants in your neighborhood and community.  

The full video content from WELCOME 2020 is below.  It is divided into different "chapters" on the playlist so you can share various videos or content segments individually. If you have questions about any particular segment or need additional access to content, please contact us.