Step #1 - Learn

There are now an estimated 258 million people living in a country other than their country of birth — an increase of 49% since 2000. If all migrants lived in one country it would be the fifth most populous country on earth. The reality is that no matter where you live - whether urban or rural, east coast, west coast, or somewhere in-between – you’ve noticed a change in the demographics of your community. One of the first ways that Immigrant Connection seeks to partner with you is providing up-to-date resources to help you research your own community and find out more about your immigrant and refugee neighbors.

Immigration might be one of the most polarizing issues in today’s world.  While it seems everyone has an opinion, it surprises most people, including people of faith, to learn that Jesus and the Bible speak frequently about immigrants. Our hope is that followers of Jesus will formulate their thoughts and perspectives on immigrants based on a Biblical perspective. Our learning resources help you teach others about God and His heart for immigrants. Whether your need is related to curriculum to lead a one-day workshop, a weekly small group, or preach a sermon, Immigrant Connection has resources to help.

Fall learning cohort

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Basic information on immigration

Immigration 101: A Concise Fact Sheet

Citizenship 101: A Timeline and Sample Civics Test Activity

Specific information on your community

Local Community Demographics

Net Migration Patterns for U.S. Counties


Welcoming the Stranger Small Group Guide and Six Session Curriculum

Church Between Borders:Three Session Workshop – Facilitator’s Guide


You Welcomed Me - A Practical Toolkit for Families


Going to Samaria:Understanding the Biblical Call to Serve Immigrants

Welcoming the Stranger: A Sermon from Kyle Ray