Immigrant Connection is a network of Immigration Legal Services (ILS) sites based in both rural and urban areas across the country. Sites are church-based and are established in under-resourced communities in order to best serve the needs of immigrant and refugee families. 

Since 2014, Immigrant Connection has launched 23 sites and supported 33 individuals to become legal representatives that are accredited by the Department of Justice. We will expand to 37+ sites and 45+ legal representatives by the end of 2022. 

The legal network collectively serves about 2,000 individuals and families per year, and our goal is to serve 5,000 families per year by 2023. 


Individuals & Families
The Immigrant Connection legal network sites have collectively served over 10,000 immigrant and refugee families - enabling these families to find stability, security, and pathways to meaningful engagement in their communities.

Workplaces & Communities
By providing immigration legal services, Immigrant Connection helps bring stability and strength to families, which in turn creates pathways for workplaces and local communities to thrive. 


The Immigrant Connection National Office oversees the expansion and strengthening of the Immigrant Connection legal network by launching new sites and providing holistic, strategic support. It is a priority for offices to be healthy, building capacity, and reaching sustainability. 

New sites are launched after careful assessment of community needs as well as assessment of the church locations that are able to host sites. Ongoing support is provided to all Immigrant Connection sites to ensure that the legal network maintains quality standards in offering legal services.

Over 10,000 immigrant families have been served throughout the Immigrant Connection Legal Network from 125 different countries of origin. See map below for the global impact of the Immigrant Connection Legal Network:
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