Immigrant Connection provides church-based, low-cost immigration legal services in under-resourced communities.

We are able to provide immigration legal services at a fraction of the cost someone would pay an attorney. Services that cost $3,000-$5,000+ with an attorney cost our clients only about $350. All of our legal representatives are accredited by the Department of Justice and have had the specific, focused education and experience to provide the highest quality of immigration legal services to clients while keeping legal fees affordable.

There are not enough immigration legal services providers in the country, and just like there are “food deserts” where a community doesn’t have access to a good grocery store, there are immigration legal service deserts in both rural and urban areas. In a system where timeliness matters, this is a big deal! Immigrant Connection continues to expand into areas and regions with growing foreign-born populations that have limited or no access to immigration legal services.

Immigrant Connection sites are hosted by local churches because we are motivated by God’s love for immigrants. The benefits of being church-based are also numerous - church-based sites drastically reduce overhead costs associated with launching and running a legal office, churches are known in local communities as places of refuge and hospitality, and holistic services are often offered through local churches.