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carina requeno

Shadowing Specialist

As a Shadowing Specialist, Carina oversees Immigrant Connection's virtual shadowing program and trains potential legal representatives. Carina has been a DOJ Accredited Representative since 2018. She has worked for Immigrant Connection since 2016 and has served over 2,500 immigrants. 

"Working with Immigrant Connection has helped me realize how much of an impact my work can have on people's lives - from reuniting families, to being able to support someone in achieving their life-long dream. I believe that by training potential DOJ Reps how to do this work, we can increase the number of lives being changed."

Carina is a second generation Salvadorean-American, and she has much experience supporting her family and community members in navigating immigrant and immigration experiences. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Indiana University Kokomo. 


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