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the immigrant connection legal network has collectively served over 30,000 immigrant families across the united states.

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Legal network

The Immigrant Connection Legal Network is made up of Local Immigrant Connection Sites across the country. Our sites are based in both rural and urban areas and are established in under-resourced communities in order to best serve the needs of immigrant families. 

Local sites

Across 33 Local Immigrant Connection Sites, 70 Department of Justice accredited legal representatives and other legal staff provide immigration legal services to immigrant families. Our sites and staff have served over 30,000 immigrant families since 2014.

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national impact

As the Immigrant Connection Legal Network provides critical services, we can see positive outcomes for immigrant families, the workplaces and schools they are part of, as well as the communities they live in. Immigration Legal Services opens pathways for whole communities and their residents to thrive. 

Growth & sustainability

Our growth and sustainability model is based on our goal to effectively meet the needs of immigrant families. New sites are established where immigration legal services are lacking, and operating sites maintain high-quality standards for immigration legal service.  

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