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In the US, the demand for immigration legal services far outweighs the availability of such services. Establishing more immigration legal service sites across the country makes services exponentially more accessible and available for immigrant families. Therefore, our Site Launch Program focuses on opening new service sites, especially in hard-to-reach and under-resourced areas. 

All Immigrant Connection local sites are recognized and authorized by the Department of Justice to provide immigration legal services.

The Immigrant Connection Site Launch Program is the only one of its kind in the country: local churches are mobilized and equipped to serve their communities, and local leaders are trained in immigration law to become Department of Justice accredited legal representatives.


A vital part of the mission of Immigrant Connection is to provide high-quality immigration legal services to immigrant families. Our Site Sustainability Program focuses on building the capacity of current sites in the Immigrant Connection Legal Network so that our mission can be upheld.


Site sustainability programming focuses on continued training, equipping, and resourcing our legal network in legal services, ethical practice measures, program management systems, and program sustainability measures.

Through our innovative programs, we have become the largest and fastest-growing national, church-based immigration legal service network in the country. 

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