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church partnerships

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immigrant connection is a

church-based response to God's call

to welcome and serve our immigrant neighbors.

Since 2014, Immigrant Connection has partnered with over 80 churches to support them in answering God’s call to love and serve immigrants.

Partner churches have engaged in Bible studies on God’s heart for immigrants and book studies about the immigrant story, offered community programs like conversational English or citizenship classes, and opened immigration legal service sites.


The Welcome Journey mobilizes and equips local churches across the country to respond to God’s call with faith, love, and action. This Journey invites congregations deeper into Scripture, into communal learning and formation, and into faith practices to become churches that are authentically connected with their local communities and immigrant neighbors. 

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the welcome journey

open house

You are invited to join us for this Virtual Open House to learn more about Immigrant Connection, Church Partnerships, and The Welcome Journey. Please register here:

immigrant Connection

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In the Learn portion of The Welcome Journey, churches will anchor their understanding of immigrants and immigration in Scripture so that they can follow God's lead. Small group devotionals, book studies, sermons, workshop, and other learning opportunities make up this portion of the journey. 


In the Connect phase, churches connect with the larger Immigrant Connect Movement as well as with peers and ministry leaders through monthly Connection Calls and the annual Welcome Conference.


With a Biblical foundation and with a community of support, churches move on to Welcome components of the Journey and start welcome programs in their churches like Conversational English Classes, Citizenship Classes, Family Resource Nights, Intake Partnership with Immigrant Connection Legal Network, or Immigration Legal Service Sites

We welcome immigrants.

stand with immigrants.

We celebrate immigrants.

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