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When you give to Immigrant Connection, you make it possible for immigrant families to find greater strength, opportunity, and hope for brighter futures.
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Your partnership means we are working together to bring vital services to immigrant families across the country. You are opening doors to renewed strength, opportunity, and hope for families and communities!

By giving monthly, you become a member of

The Welcome Kaleidoscope - a collective of individuals and families that are committed to solidarity with immigrant families. As members of the Welcome Kaleidoscope, we will build together systems of welcome and love.

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"[When you give to Immigrant Connection], you are answering the prayers of many, many immigrants who have been hidden, who don't know what to do."

Rev. Dr. Jo Anne Lyon

"This is something that everyone can get behind regardless of how you process the bigger issue.” 

Andy Merritt

“Immigrant Connection is a vision- filled organization. We’re all aware of the human side of immigration. It’s become very political, but we know Immigrant Connection is helping people. People matter.”

Craig Dunn

To give by check, mail to: 

P.O. Box 7078 

Fishers, IN 46038

Immigrant Connection

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