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Our commitment to DEI


Immigrant Connection is committed to building an inclusive organization that leverages diversity in our staff and providers, and strives for equity and respect throughout the network and in the communities we serve.


Immigrant Connection is intentional about creating a network that reflects the diverse communities we serve where unique cultures, languages, and experiences are respected, valued, and celebrated in order to provide an equitable experience for staff, providers, and immigrant families.


We are intentional about creating an environment where diversity is respected in the workplace as our overarching People Strategy, and our Diversity & Inclusion programming has three main goals:

  • Attracting & Onboarding – create a workforce broadly reflective of the larger community.

  • Engaging & Developing – support employees in building the skills and capacity to work in an inclusive manner with one another and with the communities we serve.

  • Building the Culture – build a welcoming workplace in which employees recognize that their unique characteristics, skills and experiences are respected, valued and celebrated.

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