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nate Urban

Project Manager

As a projects manager, Nate is involved with many Immigrant Connection projects. He uses his creative skills wherever they are needed to bring cohesion and alignment to Immigrant Connection’s values. He is a gifted communicator, relationship builder, and creative problem solver. 


“It is a wonderful gift to work with an organization that is passionate about acting out the gospel everyday. Close friends and family have navigated the legal system in the U.S. Amidst the fear and uncertainty of the immigration process what a tremendous opportunity it is to welcome, serve, and honor these people into our communities and families.”


Nate has experience in the public school system, where he worked as an 6th grade English Teacher for a Title I school on the North side of Indianapolis for 5 years before joining Immigrant Connection. He’s coached sports teams, been awarded grants, led committees, and produced student video news programs.


Nate received his Bachelor of Arts from Anderson University and is currently pursuing a seminary degree there. Nate is married to Michaela, and they live in Anderson, IN, where they enjoy running and taking care of their pet hamster Nola.

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