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Loving Welcome. The life and teachings of Jesus compel us to love, welcome, and value immigrants. We affirm the rights of immigrant families, each made in the image of God, and we are committed to seeing immigrant families thrive in their local communities. 

Innovative Excellence. We are committed to excellence and innovation as we build programs and systems to train, launch, and resource a national network of sustainable sites that are able to offer high-quality immigration legal services in local communities. 

Church-Based Expansion. A church-based model enables us to bring immigration legal services access to hard-to-reach communities in a sustainable manner: (1) churches exist in nearly every town/city, (2) church-hosted sites drastically reduce start-up and overhead costs, and (3) churches are trusted local entities. 

Community Based Leadership. Our training and leadership model is focused on “home-grown” leaders, experts, and staff. We equip and empower individuals to become immigration legal experts in their own localities and to serve their own neighbors, communities, and regions through immigration legal services.

Mutual Partnership. We build authentic, equitable, mutual partnerships in order to make a lasting impact for immigrant families. Every partner is creating with us a future where all immigrants have access to immigration legal services. 

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