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Immigrant connection equips & mobilizes churches across the country to serve their local communities and to provide vital services for their immigrant neighbors.

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A church-based model enables us to increase access to services in hard-to-reach communities:

(1) churches already exist in nearly every town/city,

(2) church-hosted sites drastically reduce start-up and overhead costs, and

(3) churches are trusted local entities.


The Launch Pathway is Immigrant Connection's innovative site launch program. Through this program, we are able to move churches efficiently and effectively through the site launch process from start to finish: assessment, legal training, shadowing, and Department of Justice application submission.


Immigrant Connection accepts 12 church teams into the Launch Pathway each year. Church teams are assigned to Launch Cohorts (made up of three church teams) so that they can receive optimal support and training opportunities. Launch Cohorts start in January, March, June, and September of each year.  

Immigrant Connection site launch inquiries Here

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